Contract Manufacturing

Contract manufacturing is when a business outsources certain manufacturing requirements to another. It is often used by major companies requiring the mass production of goods that find it more financially viable to outsource the manufacturing. It can also be used when a small venture is looking to upscale, but does not yet have the ability to invest in equipment or labour at the necessary level. As such, it can be a helpful structure as businesses grow and expand.

“Ausyl” your trusted partner for Contract manufacturing

Ideal for startups, small businesses and large retailers who are looking to grow their in- house brand.

We manufacture, fill, label and pack our range of beauty care and shoe care products with your company branded labels.

Advantages of Contract Manufacturing

  • Outsource your manufacturing so you can focus on sales.
  • Don’t need large amount of capital to build and run a factory.
  • Machinery and experience necessary to manufacture high quality products.
  • Reduced Costs with a faster time to market.
  • Diversified product range to help you grow your brand
  • Create products in bulk, and in the most efficient way.